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One Click Orgs
One Click Orgs is a free, open-source online service that lets community groups get a legal structure set up, and helps with their day-to-day governance.

This is an open source project I've been working on with a great team for the last couple of years. We've just made version 1.0 of our software public, and are providing it as a free hosted service.

One of the things that gets in the way when community groups and social enterprises begin to blossom is the process of getting the organisation set up 'officially' so that they can start talking to funders and local authorities, and even just so they can open a bank account.

One Click Orgs aims to simplify this step by providing a simple, lightweight legal structure for non-profit groups that are just getting started up. It also provides tools to help manage group decisions, governance and membership, entirely online, which cuts down on paperwork and helps groups stay flexible.

The current service supports unincorporated organisations operating under UK law. We are already working on version 2, again for the UK, with the aim of supporting fully incorporated non-profits. We've also started looking at how we can take this model and apply it in other countries.

One Click Orgs is a volunteer-driven project, and we're always looking for people with an interest in this area, particularly those who have legal knowledge or software development experience.
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