Art International Radio
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Art International Radio
Last month, I finished designing a new website for an art gallery and radio station in NYC: Art International Radio (formerly known as WPS1). We've got and oodles oodles of rare and interesting content, interviews, music shows, recordings, performances. Listen to an interview about Fururist noise music boxes called the Intonarumori, or an interview with Jim Jarmusch, Gregg Araki, or Michel Gondry. Listen to Genesis P-Orridge ruminate on life and art, or tune into the latest interviews from the Brooklyn Rail. We've acquired some historic audio tapes, and am digitizing them in the process, so that you can listen to Allen Ginsberg (and his father!) talk together. There's music, too: Listen to a curated show on Minimalist music, a recording of a chiptunes/NES-driven performance, some really great disco/house mixes, a curated selection of contemporary Brazilian music (expect bossa nova!), or a wonderfully John Peel-inspired indie rock show. If you want something more experimental, then you can listen to a series of short radio micro-compositions, cassette-tape-generated noise, industrial percussion music performances. --- And if you're overwhelmed, check out the AIR stream, and just sit back and listen...

There's so, so, so much more. I'm obviously biased, but I really do think that there's a goldmine of interesting and fascinating shows here -- it's the kind of audio archive that (I think) Metafilter would love. Enjoy!
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