Remote Viewing
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Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing is a fortnightly podcast produced in Melbourne, Australia. It is the creation of a group of ravenous media consumers and focuses on Movies and Australian released dates. Remote Viewing also covers television, the internet, comics, novels and even video games, where their content bleeds into its core focus.
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Yes. It was intentional. I'm very familiar with the notion of Remote viewing in the psychic spying sense - but the term also felt like it could be applied to something like this too, which is other people watching movies (etc) and expressing their opinions on them... they're remote (from the listener) and they're doing the viewing. They're often also using a remote, while viewing... :P
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Not only handsome but sneaky!
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The complete package! :P
posted by elroyel1327 at 3:30 PM on March 12, 2011

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