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I have no idea how these people got their #mathowielove wedged into their internets. But I think I know why.

A year ago today, Matt shared with us the following tweet: "I passed out at home had a seizure, went to ER, did a cat scan and they found a growth. Awaiting surgery in the next week to remove it."

Whether you follow him on Twitter, you saw the post on MeTa, or you read about it elsewhere online, you probably remember it. You probably also remember the outpouring of love and support — initiated by Anil Dash — with the #mathowielove hashtag. In an amazingly short time, over a thousand #mathowielove flowers bloomed. Within six weeks, though, as Twitter search is wont to do, the #mathowielove tweets became unsearchable. When the last #mathowielove tweet disappeared, Matt poignantly wrote, "Sad the original #mathowielove tweets are gone from Twitter Search. @ev you're kinda building a cultural artifact here, db issues be damned".

To let Matt know that we're thinking about him still, and hoping for his continued recovery, I (with some trusty sidekicks) gathered up the tweets and made a webpage, at mathowielove.com. They're there in chronological order, waiting for you to visit, to read through, and to reflect on a great man and the many ways he's touched all of our lives.

But wait. There's more.
  • There's also an iPhone and an iPad-optimized version of the site.
  • There's a print-optimized stylesheet for those of you who hate trees and want 97 pages of #mathowielove.
  • And there's even an iPhone app (of sorts) ... just click on the "+" sign at the bottom of your iPhone screen and then select "add to home screen". You'll get Matt's smiling mug waiting for you on your iPhone, whenever you want.
I had help on this, and the project wouldn't have happened without their assistance — in the run-up, I got enthusiastic encouragement and connections from Marc Hedlund, Nelson Minar, Anil Dash, and from Mark Trammell and Ryan Sarver (both at Twitter); at PeopleBrowsr, Gloria Fumagalli and Jodee Rich actually mined the database to help us pull the tweets we needed; Marco Arment helped with browser testing (but if you hate the way it looks, that's my fault). Many, many thanks to all of them. And to the 1,100+ of you who originally tweeted your love and support to Matt. And, of course, thanks go to #1.

Matt, you are loved. Be well, friend.
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Thank you for pulling this together!
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