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I have recently written a MIDI control surface app for the iPad. It currently has six layouts, consisting of combinations of piano keyboards (with pitch bender), and ribbons and XY pads, which can be configured to send different MIDI control events. It works over WiFi, talking to the open-source DSMIDIWiFi client.

Version 1.0 of MIDIPilot just got approved, and is now in the App Store. Future updates are planned, which will include more layouts and control modules and support for Apple's new MIDI API.
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Awesome. I'd been wanting a keyboard controller for Garage Band and have been too slack to get one. Going to play with this tonight.
posted by ardgedee at 9:01 AM on November 5, 2010

Looks great! Any chance for an iPhone release?
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 9:03 PM on November 5, 2010

The whole app won't fit on an iPhone screen, though there is the possibility of a related app, sharing some code. Perhaps one which shows one module (or a row of ribbon controllers) at a time. It'll be quite a different app, though.
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Between stuff like this and Kinect, E-music's gonna get much cooler in the next few years!
posted by Twang at 5:13 PM on November 27, 2010

Version 1.1 is now in the App Store. I rewrote a lot of the widget code to make it faster and added a few other performance improvements, for more responsiveness. It also has a new layout (a full-screen keyboard; the first one-row layout), and you can resize the keyboard keys by pinching on the scroll strip. And the UI has been cosmetically touched up somewhat too.
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