Musical keyboard design concept
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Musical keyboard design concept
To quote myself from the page: "Most MIDI keyboards look like cheap toy spaceships from 1982. But music production is now a home activity. Here’s a keyboard you'd be proud to have around."
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That's really cool.
posted by circular at 5:09 PM on November 4, 2010

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Hahah, fair enough.
posted by edlundart at 8:20 PM on November 13, 2010

Does this have a materials list or electronic hardware/circuitry specified? Anything available to estimate how much it'd cost? Or is this just a 3d model design, like a art sketch?
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It's really just an aesthetic idea. I'm not qualified to get very deep into the technical aspects, and would have to work with a company to sort those things out. I'm not optimistic about the prospects of that, but hey, at least I've put it out there! I've had good feedback from people who'd love to own something like this, so that's kind of satisfying in itself.
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