American Worker Cooperative
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American Worker Cooperative
A collection of essays, articles, videos, and links on worker cooperatives in (and around) the United States. The library section was inspired by a mefi comment in a thread on the benefits of cooperatives a while back: i'd believe it, but i need scholarly references. got any? The map section seems to be the most popular so far.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by Fiasco da Gama on October 27, 2010: American Worker Cooperatives

This is fantastic. Industrial co-ops are one of my on-again off-again fixations.

May I suggest for your library; Race Mathews' Jobs of Our Own: Building a Stakeholder Society in 1999 which was an Australian history of worker cooperatives, Christian socialism and mutualism? I think it's out of print, but there's a review here (PDF).

Race also has a bit of a monster library about mutuals and mutualism on his website.
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well, thanks, fiaso de gama! i was just reading about the race mathews book recently over at the workers' paradise. i will definitely check it out.

i'm trying to keep the library somewhat U.S.-centric - not because there aren't other important and inspiring tales out there, but actually because there are a few too many of them. the local history gets pretty easily overshadowed by mondragon and argentina and quebec and italy and so on. since part of the goal of the site is movement legitimization, i figure it is easier to get american workers to see cooperatives as a realistic option if they know it had a track record in their own country.
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