A multilingual natural language generator for software translation
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A multilingual natural language generator for software translation
A computer program that interactively produces text in English and German from a single representation. The source code.

I wrote this for my final year project at university, and was so discouraged by the resounding silence I got from the teachers - it was no-one's pet project, so no one took an interest - that I mothballed it soon after. Since then, some people have shown an interest in it, so I thought I'd release the source code.

Oh, and ignore the delicious/stumbleupon/digg links. I put them on there 4 years ago in a fit of youthful fascination with social bookmarking.
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Fun. It's interesting to see exactly where a native speaker would start using subordinate clauses or the like in order to deal with the problems of linearizing a tree.
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