Radiant City by Good Old Neon
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Radiant City by Good Old Neon
Radiant City, the second album by Good Old Neon, is now available as a free download from our website in a range of formats. Tracks are published under Creative Commons, so feel free to use them in your own non-commercial works. It's electronic indie/pop/rock - Katamari meets Tango-era Fleetwood Mac, or Brian Eno jams with Yeah Yeah Yeahs after Karen O gets on the wrong plane. Something like that.

Good Old Neon is a transatlantic band I am in with a good friend. I live in London, he in LA. We make all of our music over the internet in a Postal Service fashion.

We made our first album (also free to download) as part of the RPM challenge in 2008. We enjoyed making it, and there are two or three tracks that I still really like, but it definitely has that NaNoWriMo roughness to it. Radiant City is a project we've been working on for five months.

One of our songs featured on a video that went sort-of-not-quite-viral this year - Helping Johnny Remember (Youtube / Vimeo). It got something like 150,000 views overall.

We're very proud of this album and would love the folks on Metfilter to listen to it and use parts of it in their own noncommercial projects.

Thanks for listening!
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