Ice Cream Club
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Ice Cream Club
As soon as you start making ice cream you have too much of it, so we meet up in NYC and trade it! We run a group blog where we post pretty pictures, ice-cream-making guides, examples of horrifying recipes, and like to help with troubleshooting.

I was tired of having quarts of such-and-such ice cream I'd made, so I figured a good idea would be to meet up with other people who make ice cream and swap pints. We also host classes for people who'd like to learn how to make it, and have an ice cream "CSA" for people who'd rather just come pick stuff up without making their own.

The more times you use "ice cream" in a paragraph the more fun that paragraph becomes.
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making ice cream you have too much of it
I call shenanigans.
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This is what has made me the most unhappy about not living in NYC.

I just posted on Facebook, begging nearby friends to take my ice cream from me. I love experimenting with unusual flavors. (Right now, I've got Earl Gray in the freezer. It turned out fantastic, unlike the salt ice cream I made before that..)
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Holy crap I live in the wrong city. I mean, I knew that already, but this really brings it home.
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I'd offer to bring along some of my jolly nice butter pecan, but I fear it would incite mockery among you sophisticates with all your camel-fur kulfis and larks-tongue gelatos. Plus, unless Concorde starts flying again, I think it might melt over the Atlantic.
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don't worry, as soon as someone sources me dry ice and a cheat code for UPS we're going to get this all worked out.
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Soma, I don't see anything on the site about equipment. Can you recommend a good, affordable machine?
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I mean, I understand that the concept is simple and maybe hard to screw up, but I'd still appreciate any advice.
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Machines are totally important! My friends have the KitchenAid mixer attachment and it's nothing but trouble, while I love my Cuisinart 2-quart machine. If I'm not mistaken, a few other people in the club have this 1-1/2-qt Cuisinart and like it well enough. (and if anyone wants to get spendy, get this!)

I think all of the "hey throw around an ice cream ball" and other gimmicky methods are just... gimmicks. If you'd like to try your hand at ice cream without a machine, I can't recommend kulfi enough!
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I would like to read more stories about disastrous ice cream flavors, please.
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I just got an ice cream maker for my wedding, and your basic guide is really helpful. I can't wait to get started! Thank you!
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I really like the layout of the homepage. The two uneven columns broke up the page into nice little info boxes about each ice cream. They're like the eye-catching little boxes in magazines and textbooks that always distract you from the story only here they are the stories! Ice cream.

You're right. The more times you use ice cream in a paragraph the better the paragraph.
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My friends have the KitchenAid mixer attachment and it's nothing but trouble

This is nice to know, and even nicer to find out before I go to the effort of finding out if it will even fit on my vintage-1964 machine.

Cuisinart, you say?
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I want to confirm that the Cuisinart ice cream maker is easy-peasy to use and clean, and I've had great results with it. It's a shame that I'm living on the other coast, or I'd be all over this trading group.
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In response to all this discussion of wonderful ice cream, I'm asking my parents for an ice cream maker for my birthday. Ice cream club is a great idea. I'm really excited to try out recipes (especially with fruit from the CSA that I belong to) and if I get up to speed, maybe join you guys for trades.
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I share your affliction. My next attempt will be Maple Syrup Ice Cream w/ Candied Bacon Chunks. Past efforts - Pretzel, Twinkie, Red Velvet, Nutella. If I don't give it away, I end up eating 2 quarts every week. This will not end well...
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