A Whole Bunch Of Shoes
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A Whole Bunch Of Shoes
55 pairs of shoes. One pair a day. Photography by me, feet by my girlfriend.

Just a fun collaborative project. She decided to wear all her shoes, ostensibly to prove that they're all perfectly valuable piece of footwear. I spent a few days photographing the shoes in a studio setting, and the blog's been going steadily ever since! Btw, my own feet are currently starring in a guest post.

From a personal point of view, I found it extremely interesting to take shoes which look worn and a little bit battered and re-present them in a catalog style setting. It's a mockery on the un-realism, and the strange attempts of hyper-realism that fashion photography often falls into.

Also, shoes. Lots of shoes.
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I like the variety here! But I am reminded of the time I uploaded a photo of my shoes to Wikipedia to illustrate an article and got a bunch of creepy comments from fetishists. I hope they don't find this blog too!
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. . . who are you calling creepy?!
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At first, I had absolutely no clue why someone would make a blog about their shoes or why someone else would ever be interested in a blog about someone's shoes.

Then I looked at it. Ya know, it's actually pretty dang cool! The photos are also pretty.

I like it when the internet makes me realize things are interesting.
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This reminds me that I need to go through my shoes and get rid of the ones I don't wear. Unless they're cute. Then they stay.
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As the Ellie in question, I'd like to explain that the blog was always intended to be personal, and for the first fortnight or so only my friends visited it via facebook. It is (admittedly) a vanity project.

But it's nice to get it out there, especially because it showcases Magnakai's talent.

As an aside, I chose early on to disable comments or emails, to avoid the shoe/feet fetishists.
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I was ready to get my hate on. Either way I thought I would summon the ire. Only 55? Or You're going to turn into Imelda Marcos!

But no ire here. Ends up being quite cute.

I own two pairs of shoes. My Nike's.
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