RingThink - A virtual receptionist for your cellphone
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RingThink - A virtual receptionist for your cellphone
If you hand out your cellphone number like prophylactics at a major sporting event that occurs every four years, you probably find yourself getting called by a bunch of people you don't want to talk to ever, others that you'd rather not talk to right now, and a handful of important people. RingThink helps you deal with all this.

Ringthink is a subscription service that provides you with a new number to share with others. You can request a toll-free number, or receive a number in the same area code as your existing cell number. When people call, one of three things will happen:
  • Their call will be forwarded to your cell number (whitelisted);
  • They'll be asked to leave a message and you'll be sent an SMS notification (default);
  • They'll be asked to leave a message, and RingThink will silently ignore it (blacklisted).
If your RingThink account is providing you a local number, you can also manage your whitelist and blacklist entries through SMS messages from your cellphone.

I built this for a weekly contest run by Twilio. It's ended up taking about two weeks from concept to completion on a spare-time basis.

BTW, though the site doesn't currently say it, the first month only costs $10 for $20 of service credits.
posted by lowlife (2 comments total)

I"m sorry to ask this...but how is this different than google voice? I can do all of those things (whitelisting, SMS and blacklisting) with GV...
posted by filmgeek at 5:28 AM on February 25, 2010

Well, it works in Canada where GV doesn't, so that's one thing.
posted by the dief at 8:06 AM on February 25, 2010

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