The Guide to Moral Living in Examples
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The Guide to Moral Living in Examples
It is what it says on the tin. The Guide to Moral Living in Examples is a series of speculative fiction pieces. Each vignette attempts to entertain and educate the reader on how to avoid common moral pitfalls and presents the reader with a useful nugget of advice at the end of each story, such as "be on the lookout for Hideous Telepathic Space-faring Lizardmen in Mansuits at all job interviews, because if you don’t you may as well be a Hideous Telepathic Space-faring Lizardman in a Mansuit yourself."
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I've been reading the "Guide to Moral Living in Examples" for a while, and they never fail to amuse me. The moral at the end of the story is never what you think it will be! It's a great little series, well worth checking out. Go go burnfirewalls!
posted by gemmy at 1:11 PM on February 24, 2010

Love this. Thanks for posting. My favorite was the Metro Witches.
posted by entropyiswinning at 6:35 PM on February 27, 2010

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