Do I Tweet Good?
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Do I Tweet Good?
DoITweetGood? allows you to direct your friends to anonymously rate tweets as positive or negative, as well as reasons why. Investigating the reality and reasoning behind the negative perception of status updates as boring, inane, or largely sandwich related. Hoping to help manage perception of online identity, as well as any benefit in making your twitter feed more interesting.
posted by paulesque (4 comments total)

This is stupid. It is grammatically incorrect. Do I tweet well NOT good. lame.
posted by mememix at 8:23 PM on January 3, 2010

I would encourage you to show more of the experience upfront. Without my providing a username, I'd like to see what kind of tweet you will generate on my behalf. Similarly, what does the rating interface look like? And it seems that I can rate someone without their having signed up requesting feedback... initially I thought it was only for those who opted in. More documentation somewhere is needed. I dig that you want to be simple and clean about it, but I'm only coming to understand this product through careful exploration, and I'm only really motivated to explore it by wanting to give useful Projects feedback.

Every time someone's web app sends an enthusiastic tweet from "me," in the first person, in a voice completely unlike mine, a bit of my reserve of goodwill dies. I don't think I'm the only potential user of yours who has been burned by twitter integration in the past... crystal clear transparency is what is wanted here.

That huh.php page is a serious turn-off, too... it's not giving clear, actionable directions. Seems like it may be the endpoint for several links, trying to serve too many audiences and in doing so, serving none well. Your bot messaged me telling me I had feedback, I followed the link, and huh.php didn't help me figure out what to do next—and I half-way know what's happening! Imagine the reaction of someone who receives that tweet out of context.

And I already know that I talk too much about sandwiches.
posted by mumkin at 7:25 AM on January 4, 2010

The bad grammar is very intentional (see: center for kids who don't read good, unpossible, etc.), it's completely surprised us how many comments we've had about it -- clearly we need to think about renaming in the future :).

mumkin thanks for the feedback, after a trial run we've come to some similar conclusions. And just to set your mind at ease, we expressly stayed away from twitter integration and sending/spoofing tweets from people.

We're going to think about this and other feedback and relaunch in the near future, thanks!
posted by paulesque at 3:17 AM on January 7, 2010

Interesting. My first thought was that the premise is flawed, but on further consideration it might be useful for people doing, e.g., a promotional twitter feed.
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 9:46 AM on January 8, 2010

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