WithFit - Flexible Fitness Tracking
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WithFit - Flexible Fitness Tracking
Fitness tracking ala DailyBurn or BeyondTheWhiteboard, except incredibly flexible, easy-to-use and free. Great for CrossFitters, weight trainers, athletes, gyms, and personal trainers.

Logging workouts with WithFit is super simple: you simply log what you did. You can also log workouts created by users or log workouts as part of a larger program (see MeFi favorites like CrossFit, Starting Strength, and Couch To 5k).

WithFit has a bit of a CrossFit bias right now since that was our test base, but WithFit can capture and track any workout you do - no matter how complex, obscure, or strange. Some benefits for different types of users:

WithFit can capture complex workouts like Fight Gone Bad or Tabata Something Else and let you log them at varying degrees of detail. WithFit lets you scale workouts and save your scaled copies.

Athletes / Weight Lifters:
WithFit will equate various workouts by estimating your 1 rep max, track your best performances, and chart your progress. Logging workouts is about as fast as entering them in a spreadsheet.

Gym Owners/Trainers:
It's simple to create workouts or workout programs for clients/members to complete. It's also easy to monitor clients progress through their calendar.

WithFit is still in beta and we've got a host of features in the pipeline - including groups, weight tracking, and workout/program statistics.
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Great idea! I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks.
posted by sk381 at 11:23 AM on December 29, 2009

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