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History Club
I am writing a philosophy blog, because we all know we don't have enough of them! I write, you read, you comment.

Well, it's my winter break right now, and I've found a useful way to spend my time. I've just finished my first semester of Philosophy, and I loved it so much I couldn't stop. That is where my philosophy blog comes in. It's not fancy and cynical (yet) because, well, I haven't been crushed yet. Anyone can comment, preferably not anonymously, for the reason that I don't want my half-baked opinions to be the end of it—philosophy is about dialectic.

So far, I have discussed utilitarianism, riffed on Kant, and vilified Geoffrey Berg.
I'm planning on not writing only opinions (because, how many can you assault the world with, really?), but summarising things I've read in order to help me solidify long chapters, and I will also evaluate articles, claims, things Geoffrey Berg has said, etc.

I'm pretty excited about it, personally.
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