Live-blogging my first novel
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Live-blogging my first novel
Having planned the plot in advance, I am writing, and posting, the actual prose of my first novel from start to finish, 250+ words/day.

I'm a week into it and, so far at least, haven't missed a day. My self-imposed daily minimum word count is 250 words, but my daily output so far is averaging between 500 and 1000 words. My website isn't structured to allow an exact link, but you can find it at the "Novel" link on the left.

The script I'm using to display the posts in chronological order doesn't work with Internet Explorer. It does work with Firefox; I'm not sure about other browsers (any suggestions on how to make this work for all browsers are welcome).

Editing of posted material is well within my self-imposed rules, and is done often, but here is my current first paragraph as it currently stands:

Okay, so fall, two years ago. The week before the first week of classes, my third year of university. I see a girl across the street I'd been in love with first year, was too scared to talk to, she had a boyfriend anyway. We hadn't seen each other in a year and a half, we go out for drinks with her roommates, mutual friends, end up in a six-month relationship. That relationship is broken up by her sleeping with my best friend, who was staying at my house while back from his school in the States for the winter holidays, and with whom I was also half in love. A great crashing occurs, suddenly I can't talk to anyone, I'm throwing beer bottles at people's heads, breaking desks with my feet, pushing over pints at her while she's trying to apologize, all over her shirt, all over her pants. I'm catatonic, I can't do school, I drop out. Go live with my parents outside of Kingston, terrible time, worst time of my life by far, isolated country house, house I grew up in, so sad, sad associations, I had a good childhood but you know how it is, I'm lying awake at night listening to my parents talking in low voices in the next room, cars' headlights coming in the window lighting up the walls, I'm going crazy with sadness in my mind. The months are dragging on, internet, DVDs, I move to the basement, coffee, so much coffee, sadness still, isolation, no friends, no going out, no meeting anyone, no sex, just basement. Finally one day in May, I've been disintegrating in the basement for like four months straight, my mother opens the door at the top of the stairs and pokes her head down and says “Visitors tonight.” Oh my God I was elated.
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