Post-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office
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Post-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office
Post-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office is a speculative/experimental novel in epistolary form written by yours truly and physically realized by dozens of creative Mefi Mail Art group members, Metafilter members and other collaborators. (RSS feed).

Realizations (omitting author contributions and more or less in order of appearance with MeFites past and present in bold) by and heartfelt thanks to sleepy pete, Aubrey, Megan P., Ray B., rumposinc, Max Y., Otis, Howard L., annaramma, Marc E., Mikepop, Nanojath, Dale W., ageispolis, Filthy, Ellen J., liosliath, Matt L., Dan C., Emily L., Jason G. & Melissa S., Nate G., soma lkzx, Baud, Joe Y., Tabitha A., advicepig, Deathalicious, cobaltnine, and dersins.

(Errors in the depiction of the social, psychological, cultural and quality of life implications of the instantaneous disappearance of the wonders of modern technology are my own.)
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Yay! Sorry I flaked on the second one, Nate.
posted by dersins at 10:32 AM on October 23, 2009

No sweat, dersins.

Forgot to mention, the first (chronologically last) four letters are now up and one new letter will be added per week (hence the RSS feed).
posted by cog_nate at 10:35 AM on October 23, 2009

How do I join? I want to Join. Oh god do I want to join.
posted by The Whelk at 10:40 AM on October 23, 2009

Writing that was tough. I think I still have bits and pieces of drafts all over the place.
posted by cobaltnine at 11:18 AM on October 23, 2009

Yay, so glad this came together!
posted by cortex at 9:52 AM on October 25, 2009

I spotted this on the podcast; I'm going to leave links to Google PDF viewer versions in comments, if you don't mind.
posted by Pronoiac at 5:21 PM on November 8, 2009

Thanks, Pronoiac! I'll see about modifying the future posts to include the Google viewer version.
posted by cog_nate at 6:32 PM on November 9, 2009

All future posts will contain a link to Google PDF Viewer. Thanks again, Pronoiac, for bringing that idea to my attention.
posted by cog_nate at 9:09 AM on November 20, 2009

posted by Pronoiac at 11:20 AM on November 20, 2009

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