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Vook is a new way to experience books that combines video, text, and the world of the Internet into one package -- a vook -- and gives readers the opportunity to not only read their books but explore links to additional content and outside sites, watch full screen videos, and share their thoughts with friends through social media.

I've taken a full time job at Vook -- a start up that's creating a new way to experience books. Our vooks will let readers interact with the text, watch videos that either provide additional information about the subject or, in the case of fictional works, drive the plot, and connect book fans through social media. It's an ambitious project but we have the know-how, the experience, and the backing to make it happen. Check out our home page at Vook.com and please sign up for our Beta, so you can be one of the first to experience the new product. The landing page is a bit thin right now but we're in the midst of product development. The blog has additional information and we do have a few job openings. I'd really like to get MeFites signed up for the Beta because I believe it's the sharpest, smartest, savviest community online -- and my favorite place to spend time. Any feedback you guys have would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks and -- check us out on Twitter too: http://twitter.com/vooktv
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