Single Life Camp
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Single Life Camp
So friends and I were at a Barcamp event a while back - they're basically a conference without the expensive fee where people are there for the topic and format as much as the schmoozing. Lots of times, though, they're about technology - so we got to talking, one thing lead to another, and like peanut butter and chocolate, something new was born: a Barcamp with a twist, Single Life Camp. We've got an event on July 12th in San Francisco, and we invite you to come out and have fun with us as we explore relationships and dating using this great format. We've also got a web site and a small social network courtesy of the great folks at Crowdvine, so if you can't make it out to SF you can still take part in the fun online.

Here's the official event description:

"Join Bay Area singles at SingleLifeCamp, an offline social networking experience for single ones. It's a BarCamp or unconference experience where you’ll create the event as the day progresses identifying topics of personal interest. As more of us are choosing to live single, we need information about stuff besides finding a date, getting a mate or hooking up.

Here's more on Barcamps:

"Our definition: BarCamps or unconferences are an invention of the tech world. The first one was held in Palo Alto, California; organized in less than one week; and attracted over 200 attendees. Since then over 350 such unconferences have been held across the world. Unconferences mirror the serendipity of single life. As singles we’re free to shape our lives any way we want. Such is a BarCamp, where the participants propose the topics and their passion drives the day’s agenda. This leads to a sharing of great information, positive inspiration and lots of spontaneous interactions; and possibly the realization that even though you’re single, you are not alone. The day will be just like single life where doing anything and meeting anyone is possible. Get there early because SingleLifeCamp is All About The One – You!"

More info on the Web site:

Thanks for reading - hope to see you there.
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