PacsDrive - Simplified Medical Image Archiving
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PacsDrive - Simplified Medical Image Archiving
I spent 10 years developing web apps, then, a year and a half ago, I started working as a developer/IT guy for a large radiology group. I've now seen how companies charge huge premiums on otherwise inexpensive products just because they have the "health care" sticker slapped on the box. So, I decided to take the web model and apply it to medical image archiving. PacsDrive is an online backup tool with a specialized interface for medical imaging (DICOM). Comparable systems cost, at minimum, $25k while our lowest package starts at $99/month. Think of it kind of like Dropbox but with a medical interface that talks with virtually every imaging modality out there (e.g. Ultrasound, X-ray [CR], MRI, CT). We work great for dentists, orthopedists, and any other health care provider that uses medical imaging. We're trying to enter the dialog in health care IT. Cloud services, like PacsDrive, are powerful in enabling small to medium sized health care providers cut costs and provide better patient care.
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