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The Merch Girl
The Merch Girl is both my burlesque character and an emerging business to provide services to creative productions - selling merch, stage managing, PA, research, and so on. The business part of the site is still under development, but I have started a blog on my take on burlesque and my current creative adventure.

Currently it's mostly pictures and videos of inspiration, but I also have posts on whether burlesque can change the world, burlesque and Islam, and Bollywood and burlesque. I figure that since I come from a pretty unusual background (within burlesque) I've got a different perspective than most! I'm still pretty new so it'd reflect my n00bish-ness, but I'll also be chronicling my growth and creative education.
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Great site.

Honestly, I only came to this thread to say that practically nothing is going to be nearly as world-changing as simply getting more women into positions of power - more presidents, more judges, more professors, more directors of scientific institutions, everything until the person's sex is simply an afterthought and a 'Oh, they're male/female/intersex? That's nice, but irrelevant - I want to hear more about their positions and what they're going to do and what they've done, I don't care about what they look like.' Because an individual's gender doesn't matter, an individual's appearance really only needs to be simply neat and clean and professional, and what matters most above everything else by kilometers is one's actions, one's words, and one's intelligence.

Sexuality is great, but there still seems to be implicit acceptance among even ostensibly feminist sex workers and exotic dancers and burlesque dancers of some sort of... inferiority. Yeah, people are sexual. They can also be women or men AND their profession and person at the same time. People need to be seen as PEOPLE, not shitty little categories - even a person's gender is a pigeonholing little category.
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I totally agree that people's gender shouldn't be such a big deal. I do wish people didn't consider those working with sexuality as some sort of inferior unimportant class. They chose to deal with one aspect of humanity - sexuality - and they do the best they can.

What do you mean about inferiority? At least with burlesque, I find that a lot of performers are doing a LOT to blur gender lines and ultimately question people's perceptions of gender.
posted by divabat at 4:30 PM on May 26, 2009

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