Eight Months in the World
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Eight Months in the World
4,125 photos. 20 countries. 1 guy (me). A four-and-a-bit minute video I made of my eight month backpacking adventure. If you have epilepsy I would probably steer clear.

Thanks to AskMefi for help in how to assemble a video like this.
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Apropos of nothing else . . . I enjoyed the presentation.

What's interesting is that it brought to mind an article I read in a magazine (Technology Review, maybe?) some time ago.

The author's premise was that humans could view a presentation, like the one you created, and not consciously notice a particular person/place/thing, however, something in their brain would trigger. (Imagine a photo of your mother in the 4,125 photos. You might not notice that she popped up but something in your brain would.)

(For what it's worth, I didn't recognize any of the women but several of the places were quite familiar. I'd have to really slow things down to know which ones, though.)

Thank you.
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