Eponymous 4: Work Release Program
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Eponymous 4: Work Release Program
I'm finally getting around to unveiling all the music I've been working on since 2005. I call it the Work Release Program, and every Monday, I post a new track from a particular album or EP. When all the tracks from a release are up, I also make it available through commercial download sites. I've already released an album, Imprint, and I'm in the middle of releasing an EP, 「風の歌を聞け」 (Kaze no Uta wo Kike/Hear the Wind Sing).

You can download the songs for free as I post them or until they become commercially available. After that, you can go to my Bandcamp site, where free downloads will be available as MP3s (128kbps bitrate). I do ask for an e-mail address for album downloads, but if you want to get around that, just download each track individually. (Or whatever track you like.)

After 「風の歌を聞け」 is done, I'll start posting tracks to my second album, Restraint. I'm hoping also to get a third EP, Revulsion, done by August.

I posted early versions of a lot of these tracks to Mefi Music.
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