Podcast: The Geekly Weekly
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Podcast: The Geekly Weekly
Two childhood friends estranged for nearly 17 years team up to produce a weekly podcast. Shawn Struck & James Nieves bonded over video games in elementary school but lost touch when Shawn and his family moved away. Now almost two decades later they have reunited to find that not only have they chosen similar career paths, but their devotion to the things they bonded over still remain. The Geekly Weekly is a podcast that pays tribute to geek culture and chronicles the reunion of two old friends. From technology to biology, tabletop to desktop, video games to comic books, they make the irreverent relevant.

We have 4 episodes so far. The latest episode "Grand Theft Animal Crossing" features e3 talk, more on BoingBoing controversy, Psystar and more.

Notable geek interviews include a half-hour interview with sci-fi author and Mefi's own John Scalzi.

The website has an enhanced AAC steaming podcast. You can also find it for free on Itunes by searching for "the geekly weekly".
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