Major League Gaming - Professional Gaming Competition
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Major League Gaming - Professional Gaming Competition
Major League Gaming is the world's premiere professional competitive video gaming league, covering the absolute best Halo, Rainbow Six and Gears of War players in major US cities all across the country. This is the link for the Live Event Coverage taking place this weekend in San Diego, California - our second stop in the 2008 season.

I'm the lead video editor for the company, cutting together all of the non-live material for the broadcast, as well as any other videos on the general site. We've been making history with these broadcasts, beginning with our first event of this season 2 months ago in The Meadowlands, New Jersey. We've broken all kinds of live streaming records for professional competition, and thanks to the hard work of a ton of folks here at MLG we've attracted the attention of ESPN, who now co-hosts our Saturday broadcast. It's exciting stuff, and I hope all the mefites out there enjoy it. Let me know what you think, guys. I know there are a lot of talented film and video folks on metafilter, and of course the generally intelligent community at large. I'd love to hear all of your thoughts.
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I forgot to mention in the "more inside" that, completely by coincidence, we've been featuring a Halo 3 machinima video done by who I believe is our very own interrobang, who won a machinima contest we held a few months ago with his hysterical take on the Halo universe starring Nintendo characters and tropes.
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I frequent MLG, mainly to watch gameplay videos by 16 year olds that would utterly destroy me at Halo 3. It is a great site, and the video is the best part in my opinion. Their broadcasts are solid with the play-by-play announcing and srategy analysis.

Congratulations on being a part of its tremendous success. What a gig, huh?

Also, trying to assemble a coherent Drupal site myself, I am in awe at what they have done with the Drupal CMS.
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Halo 3, Rainbow Six, and Gears of War really isn't much of a lineup. Do you have a promotional deal with Microsoft or something? None of those are terribly interesting or innovative games, especially from the perspective of a spectator. Where is the variety? Even as far as FPS go, these are all incredibly similar.
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Hey, I only just got back from San Diego. Sorry for not replying.

clearly, I'm afraid I don't know a lot about Drupal or what they're up to over in the site coding department. But yeah, this is a great gig. The happiest job I've had in my life, actually. thanks for the comment.

paradoxflow, sorry you feel that way. I think we may have a deal with Microsoft. Not sure. We have, in prior years, run Super Smash Brothers tournaments, but despite the game's popularity there's been an unfortunate dearth of pro competitive support from players. Where we've had literally thousands of Halo players at a given tournament, we'll see only a couple dozen smash players. However, at, our online competition sister site, you'll find not only smash but most other online competitive games available for ladders and tournament play. I'm not sure what the similarity (besides being FPS games) is that you see between Halo 3, Rainbow Six and Gears of War. To my mind they're 3 completely different games, and Rainbow bears virtually no resemblance to the other two especially.

For what it's worth, I forgot to mention that we also ran (through our partner site GotFrag) a PC tournament for World of Warcraft, which turned out really well. We had also hoped to start a Call of Duty 4 tournament, but the complete lack of Lan Play eliminated any possibility of being able to do so. Which is unfortunate, since we're all addicted to it. such is life.
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