Save the Los Angeles Public Library
May 3, 2008 7:19 AM

Save the Los Angeles Public Library
This is a grassroots community site initially launched to protest a proposed $1-per-book inter-branch loan fee, a plan which was tabled in direct response to 875 eloquent emails. Yay! But the L.A. library is still in dire straights, with devastating cuts threatened to its budget, which was already among the lowest in the US. If these cuts go through, they will result in closed branches, curbed book purchases and database and periodical subscriptions and unemployed librarians. Please send an email in support of a well-funded library, wherever you happen to live. These messages are being read by the Budget and Finance Committee as they consider what services Angelenos will have to learn to live without. The bookworms, librarians and families of Los Angeles thank you!
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