3 Days Later: Jesus Christ Zombie Lord
March 27, 2008 8:06 AM

3 Days Later: Jesus Christ Zombie Lord
The folks at DNR Productions and Clay Robeson Creative (that's me) have set out to create the world's first (we hope) Zombie Rock Opera. A song for song parody of Jesus Christ Superstar, 3 Days Later: Jesus Christ Zombie Lord take the "Zombie Jesus" thing to a whole new level. At this point, we've shot a teaser for what we want to produce in order to try to raise some funding to shoot the entire movie this summer. But of course, no studio in their right mind would touch this with a 100 foot pole, so we have to self finance by pan handling on the internets. So go watch the teaser. If you like it, watch the LONG version of the teaser. If we still haven't made you want to hunt us down and kill us, tell your friends, and consider giving us a dollar so we can bring this baby to life.... er back to life?
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