October 13

My Life Coaching YouTube Account
I love being a Life Coach, but blogging rarely seems to capture the excitement and passion of being able to talk to someone one on one or as a group. So I decided to start making videos! [more inside]

Dead Week
Evil's at the door. A short interactive webtoon in English or Korean. (Also on itch.io.)

@Everyword: The Book
Instar Books just released a book version of my Twitter bot @everyword, which tweeted every word in the English language over the course of seven years (2007 to 2014). The book includes the entire run of the bot, with favorite and retweet counts for each word, along with an introduction by me in which I talk about the bot's origins and how running a (modestly) high-profile Twitter account came to affect my life. [more inside]

October 11

No Child of Mine!
I made a Twitter bot that completes the phrase "No child of mine . . ." using a list of weird and funny phrases I found and thought up. [more inside]

October 9

Armoured Commander
I made a game! It's a roguelike. Would appreciate any suggestions and feedback to continue improving it. [more inside]

October 8

Let users reply to questions and record video feedback with audio from their microphone in your product without installing software. Watch your visitors get stuck in your product and hear them explain why. [more inside]

Judgemental Reviews Of Common Pasta Shapes  
An illustrated review of the most common pasta shapes.

I illustrated a children's book! [more inside]

Corbyn Headlines
I got a bit fed up of the lazy attack journalism on the recently elected Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. So I did what you should always do when you see something lazy and formulaic, I made a twitter bot. Made, and hosted by, Cheapbotsdonequick.com [more inside]

Prompts for getting out of bed
Inspired by the "choose your own adventure" self-care prompts in this thread, I made one to help myself get out of bed in the morning. [more inside]

October 7

Decrypting Rita
I've spent the last four and a half years making this comic. It's about a robot lady dragged outside of reality by her ex-boyfriend. She's got to pull herself together across four parallel worlds before a hive mind takes over the planet. It's finished now. And it's all free online. "Decrypting Rita is that rarest and most refreshing of things: a science–fiction story that feels like it comes from the future." - Phil Foglio "Deliriously confusing and addictive... It’s kind of wonderful." - Peter Watts "Very post-singularity, much upload, wow." - Charlie Stross [more inside]

October 4

Every Bone
A quick and spooky twitterbot for October. 'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make bones mean so many different things.'

Into The Fire
Into The Fire (youtube - vimeo) is a short stop motion film about death and what comes after, made this weekend as part of the 2015 Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Film Challenge.

October 3

The Gratitude Project
As I approach 50, it struck me how thankful I am for all the people who helped me become who I am today. Sadly, far too many are no longer living, but many are and to those that I can contact, I will send a hand written thank you note. Responses are welcome, but not required, nor will I post any information beyond that which is public without written consent.

October 1

Beyond the Stacks: Innovative Careers in Library and Information Science
Beyond the Stacks is an interview podcast in which librarians, archivists, and information science professionals talk about the coolest experiences of their careers, and how they got there. [more inside]

Drawing Connections: a train comic
A short comic strip meditation connecting seemingly disparate events that occurred on trains this summer - refugees, heroism, racism etc. - and how they were widely portrayed in the media.

September 30

olduse.net: a real-time historical exhibit
Usenet, updated in real time as it was thirty years ago. [more inside]

I quit facebook a long time ago and decided to systematically contact my friends instead. You too can do this. [more inside]

Frau Blücher [horses whinny]
A Twitter bot based on quotes from the character "Frau Blücher" in Mel Brook's 1974 comedy, Young Frankenstein. [more inside]

Google Images for Slack
I've written a little web service that lets you search Google Image Search from Slack. I've found it to be a good companion to giphy. Here's the code and instructions to set it up. [more inside]

TauntBot is an exercise in generated language. It uses a rather huge and growing corpus of hand-selected words, and an interesting set of rules, for hand-crafting them into verbose insults. It then posts these to Twitter. It replies to people, I'm hoping to get it to trade barbs with them. Yes, I'm a terrible person. Now, with that out of the way... [more inside]

There's at least ONE.
Having found myself with a few moments of free time, I sculpted a life sized Tatzelwurm exhibit for the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Unprepared To Die: America's Greatest Murder Ballads & the True Crime Stories That Inspired Them.
Many of the good folk here on Metafilter have enjoyed PlanetSlade.com's Murder Ballads essays in the past (previously: 1, 2, 3, 4). Now Soundcheck Books is publishing a collection of them, which contains two brand new exclusive essays (covering Poor Ellen Smith and Murder of the Lawson Family), plus a host of fresh musician interviews about songs already discussed on PlanetSlade. I hope you'll consider buying a copy (Amazon US / UK), but in the meantime, please feel free to enjoy its free "DVD Extras" section on PlanetSlade itself. There you'll find some out-takes from my new interviews with Billy Bragg, The Bad Seeds' Mick Harvey, Rennie Sparks of The Handsome Family, Snakefarm's Anna Domino, Dave Alvin from The Blasters, Laura Cantrell, The Mekons' Jon Langford, Bob Shane from The Kingston Trio, Angela Correa and Ralph Stanley II. I've also included a couple of sidebar stories which got squeezed out of the book for reasons of space, including an introduction to the OTHER Charlie Lawson (who also murdered a member of his own family at Christmas time) and an account of my long-delayed trip to Tom Dula and Laura Foster's graves. Finally, you'll find some links to my own curated playlists for the book's eight songs. Please spread the word.

September 28

Time Lapse of Daily Show set change
I'm a lighting tech and a photographer who loves to make time lapse movies of shows I work on, when I'm there for the whole run of an install. Occasionally the show finds out. Sometimes I get in trouble and sometimes I don't...my latest time lapse is a 7 week long shoot of the set change from the the set change from the Jon Stewart Daily Show to the Trevor Noah Daily Show. [more inside]

His daughter is a Jedi. She's missing. He's dead. And the Star Wars Universe is real. The Padawan Project.
Officially, this is all fiction, but Thomas would insist otherwise. Read his story. Examine these drawings by his daughter Mercy (who he claims has been missing for months.) Can anyone help figure out where she is?

September 27

Backgroundifier is a Mac OSX droplet-style app that converts image files of any size into pretty desktop backgrounds. Any image will work, but fine art and illustration looks the best. (You can see examples of the output on the app homepage.) There's a command line mode in addition to the GUI: if you go into the Backgroundifier.app bundle, you can either call into the Backgroundifier executable directly from Terminal (with the caveat that you can only save to and read from your ~/Pictures directory — sandboxing, sorry!), or alternatively extract the un-sandboxed command line utility from the Resources directory. On my laptop, I've even set up an Automator script that watches my primary pictures directory, automatically converts any new additions via shell script, and outputs the results to the directory I use for my desktop backgrounds. The app costs a buck, but most of it is open source. (I decided to exclude the UI nib file from the repo, at least for the time being.) It's written in Swift 2. You can find the repo here. Unfortunately, it's just a little bit out of date, but all the image conversion stuff should work fine. [more inside]

September 24

Twitter bots 4 momz!  
A trio of parenting-related Twitter bots: @FakeMomAdvice, @FakePregAdvice, and @TrendyNames. [more inside]

September 23

Death is the Mother of Beauty  
An instrumental doom metal album. [more inside]

It's not about Advertising. It's about Consent  
In all the furor over iOS 9 content blocking, many of the loudest voices are questioning the ethics of ad blocking. This five-minute read on medium shifts the perspective to the ethics of data collection and who gets to control what data is shared by our devices.

I self-published my first comic, The Offbeat Path!
I've been drawing and posting comics for a while, and I finally had enough decent material to make a book out of it. It's 26 pages worth of autobiography, dreams, and musings on the culture I live in. You can download the book (a pdf) for a buck fifty from my Gumroad page, or you can go to my Tumblr and poke around in my archive to see most of the stories included.

September 22

Eudaimoneers is an invitation-only boutique ad network for indie gaming publishers and gaming fans
Display advertising on the web is kind of broken. It's become an escalating war of all against all, and gamers are the adblockingest demographic there is. Eudaimoneers wants to call a truce, bring back a little trust and integrity, and make things better for indie gaming site owners, for the gamers who visit their sites, for advertisers who want to reach them, and do some good in the process: we will donate 10% of our revenues to charities selected by network members every month. [more inside]

September 18

How do I get my Facebook back? Is the Internet good or bad? How do ads know my location?
A handful of new puppety Media Show episodes for your entertainment, and possible use in helping friends, family, and students understand media and technology better: [more inside]

Hosted digital signage for the post-legalization era
For the last several months I've been working on a hosted digital signage service that uses Google Chromecast to display fully customizable digital signs on screens that business owners already have but may not be using. Everything is drag and drop, with no programming or design required. It's designed to make life easier for businesses by integrating third-party data from sites they already use. Since I live in Oregon, right now that integration is Leafly. [more inside]

September 16

Do Not Be Afraid To Be Afraid: Meg Rosoff - The 2015 Pearce Memorial Lecture
Every year on the first Thursday of September an eminence of the world of children's books gives a talk at Homerton College in Cambridge in memory of the author Philippa Pearce. And every year I video it and upload it to the internet. This year, the talk, entitled Do Not Be Afraid To Be Afraid, was given by the author Meg Rosoff. [more inside]

September 12

Rook Trader, an interesting and occasionally alarming internet game
A game where you play as a bird, or possibly as a chess piece, or somehow both. You want shiny and warm things for your nest. Fly to other nests and negotiate trades for your existing shiny and warm things. Accrue wealth. Crash the economy for fun and profit. [more inside]

September 9

10 cent stories, typewritten while you wait  
For two years I've been busking with a typewriter and a sign that says "10 cent stories typewritten while you wait". Just today I got an essay about it published in the toast and I've begun putting all of my stories and pictures of people I wrote them for on twitter @10centstories or #10centstories

Trekabout: A Star Trek Podcast
A persuasive Trekkie somehow convinces a franchise virgin to go on a seven-year-mission to watch every episode of every Star Trek series. Can someone fall in love with The Original Series 50 years later? Is Dr. Pulaski a better character than Dr. Crusher? What's the deal with Wesley and Geordi, anyway? And best of all, there are 158 episodes already released, so you've got plenty of thought-provoking commentary for your Original Series or Next Generation watch (or rewatch!) [more inside]

September 7

Marvel MiniFigs  
Sure, Lego has some Marvel minifigs mainly those from the movies. But what if you wanted minifigs of every character ever represented in Marvel comics.

September 6

April 86 - You get a free Kindle book, I get published
I'm trying to get my new novel April 86 published through Amazon's new Kindle Scout program. If you go to the link and click "Nominate Me", and enough other people do so, you will all get a free copy of the book. So what's the book about? Read on . . . [more inside]

September 5

Kim Davis: Christian, Martyr, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!
Vote Kim Davis: Christian America Needs Me!
Kim Davis has launched her Presidential Campaign on Twitter and Facebook. She's holding a campaign fundraiser, standing in a great tradition of civil disobedience, and getting ready for greatness.

September 4

Walton Warumbo Universal Unlimited
So, I wrote this science fiction book about rum, labor unions, and stellar-spanning conglomerates, and I wanted to do something fun with the book's marketing. What would my heroine's former employer's website look like? One thing was for sure: it would have a bland yet menacing motto. [more inside]

September 2

The Mosquito Crate: a CAPTCHA Exclusively for Spammers
This summer, our forums were inundated with spam. Lots and lots of spam. Because I can't mail the spammers a crate of mosquitos, I made a CAPTCHA that only they can see, and that can't possibly be answered correctly. [more inside]

me irl  
Me irl is a subreddit where every post must be titled "me irl". The prompt is to post "selfies of the soul". It has 250k subscribers, and is responsible for several of the highest scoring links on reddit of all time, including #7. This is the burden I carry with me.

September 1

Brian & Lindsay Will Totally Eat That  
I created this show - the first video series from our media network MaximumFun.org. It's called Brian & Lindsay Will Totally Eat That, and I made two very nice young people eat all kinds of weird stuff and I'm very proud of it.

sub-Q Magazine
An interactive magazine for interactive fiction. Previous authors include Vajra Chandrasekera, Porpentine, and Yoon Ha Lee. And Emily Short thinks we're cool! [more inside]

Space Stories
A Twitter bot that randomly generates tiny space stories. [more inside]

August 31

Boring Blackalicious
'Alphabet Aerobics' is a pretty interesting track. I made it decidedly less interesting using some python signal processing libraries to make the whole track a constant tempo. [more inside]

A Travelogue Part II - Bolivia
A short movie documenting a month spent in Bolivia. Featuring a nice little acoustic fingerpicked ditty as soundtrack. [more inside]

August 30

The New Code
Seven years ago I asked about blogging solutions on AskMe. A year after that, I had the site up and running. But times (and best practices) change, so I've completely rewritten, redesigned, rebranded and relaunched my web development site. [more inside]

August 27

Villanelle Bot: Poems Written by Twitter  
A bot that writes poems poems in the villanelle form, built using Twitter posts from random people. The poems live on Tumblr, and are announced @villanellebot. [more inside]

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