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ensong - An ambient music generator based on user-uploaded samples.

Heavily inspired by Zendesk's BhuddahWall, ensong allows users to make their own ambient soundscapes. Additionally, you can upload your own loops to let yourself or others create their own soundscapes as well. Made with Rails and Backbone.js. Only guaranteed to work in Chrome.
posted by justalisteningman on Dec 3, 2013 - 2 comments

Mastering Modern Payments: Using Stripe with Rails

I released a short ebook about integrating Stripe payments with Ruby on Rails applications. It goes in depth into things you can do to make your Stripe integration robust in the face of a variety of types of failures, as well as how to make it sure and auditable. I also wrote a short blog post about the process of writing and selling the book.
posted by zrail on Sep 11, 2013 - 0 comments

Pogoapp: PaaS hosting startup by a couple Mefites

We started out as Rails developers trying to script capistrano deployments and somehow ended up hacking together a full platform-as-a-service system, run on dedicated servers, with S3-compatible distributed storage and a REST API/build process that's mostly heroku-compatible (i.e. Procfiles and buildpacks and one-time-processes). We've got support for Ruby 1.9.3 and 2.0 preview including Rails, node.js/CoffeeScript, python, php, etc etc. [more inside]
posted by crayz on Nov 5, 2012 - 8 comments

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