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Defcon Yum! - The one-a-day gourmet internet bakery

Defcon YUM! is a one a day gourmet internet bakery. Every day we offer one product. After that period it is gone! We bake it after you order it and ship it out ASAP. If an gets good reviews, we will bring it back; if it tanks, well, we apologize and will never sell it again!
posted by firei on Oct 22, 2012 - 7 comments

Great Cookies

Last December a FPP was made about Gourmet Magazines Favorite Cookies. Recently it was noticed that many of the recipes are no longer available. In December I had laboriously cut and pasted every recipes into a MS Word document. I've PDF'ized the whole thing and posted it. I've made no attempt at editing or cleaning it up in any way. My Original MS Word file is also available. I've also posted my mother's awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.
posted by Confess, Fletch on Feb 28, 2010 - 9 comments

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