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Fauxtoshop CC: haven't you always thought that photoshop was missing a "rainbow penis" tool?

a student-made painting app in the tradition of Kid Pix: one that embraces chaos, randomness and amateurism instead of pixel perfection. All brushes in this app were created by students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the 'New Media Crash Course', Spring 2016 (don't worry, not really NSFW) [more inside]
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blindsketch is a little drawing game for desktop and iOS devices (Android users proceed with caution) where you draw without looking. Use your mind's eye to render a complex and beautiful masterpiece, or just sketch a little doodle, but either way, you can only see your drawing when you are finished. Choose free draw or take the daily drawing challenge if you're feeling competitive. Today's challenge is a video challenge. (note that the images in the gallery section are not censored in any way, and that yesterday's drawing challenge was "NSFW", just so all the jokers can get the inevitable phallus drawing out of their system.)
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