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Datasette Desktop (macOS application)

This is the new Mac desktop version of my Datasette application, which helps people explore SQLite databases and CSV files and install plugins to visualize them, clean them up and more. [more inside]
posted by simonw on Sep 14, 2021 - 8 comments

Datasette Publish

I've been working on Datasette for a while: it's a tool for publishing static structured data online with a browseable web interface and a JSON API. Until today you had to install various bits and pieces on your computer to use it, but I just released Datasette Publish which provides a web interface that lets you upload data as CSV files and click a button to turn that into an online database and API. My blog has more, including an animated screencast showing how I used it to build an API for exploring California campaign finance data.
posted by simonw on Jan 17, 2018 - 2 comments

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