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Soundtap Madness

Soundtap Madness is a contest we launched two weeks ago in order to promote independent radio and raise awareness of the Soundtap project (which you may remember from previous posts). Soundtap was started by three roommates and college radio DJs who love non-commercial radio. Our goal is to make it easier to explore the great shows out there, and to bring together the various independent radio communities around the world. [more inside]
posted by foraneagle2 on Mar 27, 2012 - 0 comments

Soundtap.com - Human Powered Radio

Soundtap.com, a crowd sourced guide to independent radio, today announced the launch of its new social platform. The site features live streams and profiles of hundreds of stations and shows alongside a real-time chat and activity feed on each page. Soundtap aims to revitalize non-commercial radio by promoting listener participation and bringing attention back to individual radio shows.

"There is an incredibly rich variety of programming in college and community radio that is largely overlooked.” said Sujay Vennam, Soundtap co-founder. “Many people are tired of the repetition they hear on commercial radio and automated playlists but don’t realize that they have access to thousands of interesting DJs who volunteer at independent radio stations around the world. Soundtap harnesses the power of community moderation to make these shows more accessible.” [more inside]
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RadioCollective.org: crowd-sourced non-commercial web radio.

After a couple months of working on the college radio map project, I had accumulated more favorite shows than I could keep track of (see?). My friends convinced me that with some effort we could build a calendar of awesome shows spanning 24/7. Well, after countless hours of listening to shows and asking DJs for recommendations, our calendar now boasts 447 outstanding commercial-free programs and counting! We haven't been able to stop exploring since we realized how rewarding it is and we hope you'll join us. [more inside]
posted by foraneagle2 on Mar 10, 2011 - 2 comments

Map and streaming playlist of the best non-commercial college radio stations.

After discovering two amazing college radio stations in my proximity (KZSU - Stanford and KFJC - Foothills College), I began listening not only from my car but wherever I had a high speed internet connection. Thus I began a mission to identify all similarly awesome stations in the USA/Canada. The result is 77 high-quality streaming commercial-free radio stations that you can load into a convenient playlist. Surely this beats the repetitive, commercial music discovery sites out there. It has been an extremely rewarding project for me, and I hope you enjoy it too! [more inside]
posted by foraneagle2 on Sep 7, 2010 - 14 comments

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