Alternative Thomas the Tank Engine book
June 23, 2007 10:34 PM

Alternative Thomas the Tank Engine book
Well, basically, unless you are a mum or dad forced to read the ubiquitous Thomas the Tank engine books incessantly to your children you are unlikely to get this. The Thomas the Tank stories, written from the 1940s by a reactionary old English vicar, constantly harp on about how all the little engines should be obedient and "really useful" to the corpulent rich man who runs absolutely everything in their world. There are nasty punishments for anybody who doesn't conform. It seems outdated and yet Thomas has become one of the top three or four international toy brands. The stories are everywhere along with the compulsory totally overpriced accessories. In this blog post I link to a pdf I made out of bits and bobs from various Thomas books. It is the missing story: "The Really Revolutionary Engine", the one when the Fat Controller gets his comeuppance. It is very home made and (if any Thomas brand boys or girls are reading) very much an uncommercial spoof. Feel free to copy or change it as you wish.
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