Linguaphobous: Speculative Fiction Meets Futuristic Formats
May 5, 2007 4:33 PM

Linguaphobous: Speculative Fiction Meets Futuristic Formats
Lingua is an online zine dedicated to forward-thinking fiction, critical works, art and poetry.

The catch? Lingua is also a modular, "forward-thinking" participatory engine. Anyone is invited to upload their art, fiction, criticism to the live zine immediately. Lingua supports background images for your fiction/poetry, and scales embedded images to the proper width. Lingua layout is optimized to be printed by (some-most) desktop printers, stapled and spread around the real world. Each issue features a different aesthetic look, complete with rotating backgrounds and order of pieces.

We hope to expand on the basic idea of a "DIY" zine, and will soon release better profile functionality for added author limelight, and a function to "roll your own" zine using our layout code.

Check out issue #1 (not yet complete, but live with 20 pages of great sci fi and smatterings of crit) and consider contributing your original works to the cause!
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