My Source Code
March 29, 2007 6:28 PM

My Source Code
About eighteen months ago I kicked my installation of Microsoft Frontpage 2002 to the curb and decided to program my site using only Windows Notepad.

The last time I'd approached hands-on web design, Netscape Navigator was most peoples' browser of choice. and through were the primary layout tools of the novice designer. Presentation attributes reigned supreme. In a transparent attempt to compensate for my lack of success with women, my online moniker was 'The Man'.

Anyway, my reintroduction to HTML was followed closely by an introduction (aided by people here and elsewhere) to CSS, W3C standards compliance, PHP, mySQL, and, most recently, a sprinkling of that arcane language known as "JavaScript".

... and now it's all open source, and pretty much inundated with unnecessarily dense documentation, as is my style. If you think you could use some of the code yourself, feel free. If you have a suggestion for improvement, there are e-mail feedback forms on each individual source code page. Just try to refrain from 'bombing' them; I haven't gotten around to coding a captcha system yet...

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