Mondo Image, MetaFilter tool
January 30, 2007 7:59 PM

Mondo Image, MetaFilter tool
Mondo Image is Greasemonkey script or stand-alone Firefox extension (no Greasemonkey required) for the MetaFilter website that allows users to automatically display inline images from existing hotlinks. The results are similar to, but potentially more extensive than, those found with the now proscribed image tag. The image display can be customized based on the linked image file extension, image host site, MetaFilter user posting the image, and text in the body of a message containing the hotlink. Images can be size restricted and interactively displayed. This approach offers flexible image filtering and gives protection to users from those who might misuse posted images to compromise the security of their MetaFilter session. Mondo Image continues the design philosophy of the free Mondo tools encouraging users to personalize the MetaFilter experience on their side of the browser interaction. Firefox 1.5 through 2.x is required.
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