TicketBroker Direct - Members Only Access To Wholesale Prices
December 30, 2006 8:26 PM

TicketBroker Direct - Members Only Access To Wholesale Prices
TicketBroker Direct is open for business today. We've built this company to be a disruptive force in the world of ticket brokers, online and offline.

The way the ticket broker business works now (that is, the secondary, post-Ticketmaster ticket market) is that brokers all share inventory on a network, allowing your local broker, or a website, to sell the inventory of thousands of ticket brokers across the country. They usually mark up the price of the tickets anywhere from 15-50%, sometimes in very sketchy ways (not telling you about hidden fees until the last possible moment of checkout, etc.).

So whether you buy $100 concert tickets or $2,000 tickets to the big game, the ticket broker does the same amount of work (makes a phone call and arranges the sale), but he gets paid 20x as much for the expensive tickets.

TicketBroker Direct charges an up-front membership fee for a full one year of access to actual wholesale ticket prices with no extra surcharges or fees. We share the same inventory as other ticket brokers (currently 2.5 million tickets to 60,000 events from 2,100 brokers), but offer members access to the tickets at wholesale prices. If you buy tickets from ticket brokers more than once a year (and sometimes even once), you can save money, time and aggrivation with TicketBroker Direct.
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