The Queer Medieval with Nicola Griffith - In Conversation with María Bullón-Fernández
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The Queer Medieval with Nicola Griffith - In Conversation with María Bullón-Fernández
Video of a talk at Seattle Town Hall, includes live musical performance. For Pride month, join celebrated historical fiction author Nicola Griffith for a conversation about queer representation in medieval history and fiction. The acclaimed author of Hild, Spear, and Menewood will explore how fiction can create belonging and challenge narratives about who belongs in history. In a conversation with Professor of English at Seattle University, María Bullón-Fernández, Griffith will tackle questions like: How are current ideas of queer identity similar or different to those in the Middle Ages, and those represented in historical fiction? How can fiction help us re-see the past, and thus re-envision our future?

Nicola Griffith is the author of nine novels, including Hild, Spear, and Menewood. In addition to her fiction and nonfiction (New York Times, Guardian, Nature, New Scientist) she is known for her data-driven 2015 work on bias in the literary ecosystem and as founder and co-host, with Alice Wong, of #CripLit. Awards include the Los Angeles Times Ray Bradbury Prize, two Washington State Book Awards, a Nebula award, and many more. She holds a PhD from Anglia Ruskin University, is married to writer Kelley Eskridge, and lives in Seattle.

María Bullón-Fernández is a Professor of English at Seattle University who specializes in Medieval English Literature. Her scholarship and publications center, among other topics, on gender and sexuality in medieval literature. She currently serves as Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences.
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Oh wow, I haven't been around on the site in a bit and look what I might have missed. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am a huge Nicola Griffith fan. Cannot wait to dive into this when I have time to give it my full attention.
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