Blog/Column: Humans and Technology
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Blog/Column: Humans and Technology
I started writing technology column (as if we need another one of those) for one of my region's local newspapers, and I've been archiving it on a blog. The focus is on the human side of technology use.

Since the 800 word limit doesn't lend itself to thoroughly citing sources, I also post a Learn More section so that people can read what I read while writing and come to their own conclusions. These aren't by any means deep dives, and I'm writing to a rural audience of aged 50+ on the most part - so they may seem kind of flat in some respects. This is also my first truly "professional" writing gig (in the sense I am getting paid for my work), so that's neat.
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Pithy writing with a sections for citations and corrections. What's not to like?!

Oh actually would be great to have an RSS feed too. :)
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