Unsettled Tarot
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Unsettled Tarot
This is an online tarot reading. You page through ten randomly loaded cards, each card combined with randomly loaded text. I drew the cards, they are my personal tarot deck. They iconography has very little to do with a traditional tarot deck, each drawing is something I could not express in words. It's not intended to be mystical, more to trigger unexpected associations.

The Unsettled Tarot is based on the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, a traditional way of laying out Tarot Cards for a reading.

The position of each card influences how you read it. For example, if a card occupies the position "The Past", it might make you think about people you used to care about, things that have happened to you, goals you had in the past.

If that same card occupies the position "The Heart of the Matter", you might consider whether or not it reflects your core values, or some unchanging aspect of your situation.

The titles above the cards show where they are in the pattern.

The text next to each title is randomly generated from a list of phrases that match that position. Because of this random aspect, each "reading" will be slightly different.

The cards themselves are randomly loaded from a deck of more than forty cards.
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lovely cards!

not sure what my reading portends, but it definitely involves mummies....

(just a note, you've got a typo in "Oppertunity" )
posted by chavenet at 5:01 AM on April 17 [1 favorite]

Oh damn! Thanks. Let me correct that...
posted by Zumbador at 6:33 AM on April 17 [1 favorite]

Those illustrations are beautiful!
posted by trig at 9:45 AM on April 17 [1 favorite]

The artwork is great. I would say, personally, I didn't connect with it during the couple of readings I did but I admired what you were doing here. I wouldn't say it wasn't for me as must as it wasn't for me in this moment I'm in. I find what you're doing very deep and intriguing and I think in a different space, I would find this imagery very useful.

This is cool. I'm a big Tarot fan and I like a diversity of imagery for whatever mood I'm in so I can see myself revisiting this. Thank you.
posted by edencosmic at 7:30 PM on April 17 [1 favorite]

edenscomic, now that I see the images in an explicit tarot context, I don't think they really work well for that. One problem is that they are too stylistically diverse - I needed to make them all black and white line drawings, or something like that. And they are also too, I'm not sure how to articulate this, too particular and detailed for tarot cards.

I think they work better as single images with maybe some kind of tarot-like framing, rather than an actual tarot.
posted by Zumbador at 10:23 PM on April 17 [1 favorite]

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