Thousand Day Celebrations
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Thousand Day Celebrations
Celebrating one's Thousand Days is an excuse to get more birthdays in your life. They never occur on your actual birthday, and also shift from season to season every time. You could also see who else shares your thousand day, even if they weren't born on the same day as you.

This is a concept I've been kicking around for about 30 years, but for $REASONS have never implemented. If it interests someone, please take it further.

And yes, I happen to be 20,000 days old today.
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Happy... Kiloday??
posted by mpark at 2:55 PM on March 28

I love the idea. It was tried at least once before -- "birthkay" -- but didn't take off.
posted by ploguus at 6:52 AM on March 29 [1 favorite]

They never occur on your actual birthday

Bold of you to think I won't live to be a thousand years old. Also I love this. The more opportunities for joy the better.
posted by Literaryhero at 7:39 AM on April 12

Billions of seconds is a good one. You don't get as many of those, though. One or two for most folks.
posted by bitslayer at 3:12 PM on May 6

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