2024 Year in Books
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2024 Year in Books
This year, instead of "starring" books, I am stack ranking my reads and reviewing each of them.

I have a special interest in middle grade fiction, adoption, Quakerism, and romance novels. I'm also in two book clubs which alternate between nonfiction and literary fiction. I'm trained as a public librarian. Hope you enjoy!
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I like this! Not because books are in a reductive death race, but because I am interested in which topics interest me over time (e.g., "how many books did I read about this before I moved on?" and "was I reading on multiple topics at once?"), or what things I read in what seasons, and the like.

I guess what I am saying is that I would love a more "quantified self" version of my Goodreads data. :7) And a project like this is a great start!
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What is stack ranking?
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