Back to My Dreams
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Back to My Dreams
For a birthday present for my wife, I commissioned two musicians to each create a pop song using lyrics generated by ChatGPT AI, album cover art generated by AI, and an AI generated music video. I made this website to present the songs to her as a surprise and explain the process of getting this project made.

I wondered, what would happen if I asked ChatGPT to write lyrics for a pop song in the style of Taylor Swift? I commissioned two musicians on Fiverr to each create a dream pop / chillwave / synthwave style song using those lyrics. I used to generate album cover art, then used that same artwork as a starting point for a music video generated by
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Love it! Both singers' voices are beautiful. What promps did you use to generate the lyrics?
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What promps did you use to generate the lyrics?

@ploguus, thanks. You can read the conversation I had with ChatGPT in the #chatgpt section of the page:


Prompt: Write lyrics to a dream pop song about a girl named Sandy in the style of Taylor Swift.

and two follow-up prompts. ;)
posted by jca at 1:30 PM on May 4, 2023

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