Tales of Nocturne - A Night Fiction Sleep Podcast
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Tales of Nocturne - A Night Fiction Sleep Podcast
Tales of Nocturne is a Night-Fiction podcast. What is that you say? Night-fiction are stories that are engaging but where the entire show is design to help one sleep. Tales of Nocturne is based on Nocturne, Planet of Eternal night surrounded by magical waltzing moons. Our tales follow the lives of those that live in that darkness and explore its mysteries.

I am an anxious sleeper. I use podcasts to help me to sleep but they often have a few issues: loud ad breaks and music, surprising laughter or shouting, and even just triggering subject matters. There are sleep specific podcasts but I often find them too boring to start listening to them.

Many of my friends had the same issue, so I created Tales of Nocturne - a Serialised Fantasy Fiction show where the music, narration, and stories are designed to entertain whilst helping you to sleep.

If you find yourself looking for a sleep aid or even a show to help you relax during your downtime then give Tales of Nocturne a try. Even better, let me know what you think! It's a small show and I don't have any social media so MeFite feedback would be greatly appreciated. ☺️
Role: Writer, Composer, Narrator, Producer
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