"Rhymes With 'Biscuit'" rolling-ball sculpture
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"Rhymes With 'Biscuit'" rolling-ball sculpture
Link goes to 3:30 YouTube video. Rolling-ball sculptures typically involve lifting balls via some mechanism and then letting them roll down various interesting routes. Rhymes With "Biscuit" takes a different approach; it has the balls rolling round and round without going up and down (very much).
Role: designer maker
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Very satisfying to see the shifting balance, but I also like the dog-like sound of the servo shifting the track segment.
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Mesmerizing in the way that good juggling is. There's not really much going on, but it still feels a little like the chaos of a good multiball pinball run, where your eyes want to be everywhere at once. I love a good rolling-ball sculpture, and I love that this one takes a very different approach and totally nails it. Extra points for looking very finely crafted rather than cobbled together.
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rikschell, the juggling comparison is very apt. I was definitely thinking in terms of cascades, though not airborne of course. And it just occurred to me that this could be considered a form of contact juggling. Maybe? I might post to r/juggling and see what they make of it. (Huh, turns out there's an r/contactjuggling).
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Oh. "Lemniscate." Nice.
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This is how I learned that I've been pronouncing "Lemniscate" wrong in my head for my entire life.
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How did you discover the word in the first place, nebulawindphone? I learned the word just a few months ago while working on this thing (I posted some lemniscate-related AskMes).
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I think the science museum where I grew up used it in the wall text next to an exhibit. Maybe there was a pendulum that drew lemniscates? It stuck in my head as the name of the shape, but, reading-focused kid that I was, I must never have used it out loud. I'd always imagined it pronounced like "roller skate."
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