Small Wonders Magazine
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Small Wonders Magazine
A new online magazine for speculative poetry and flash fiction.

Stephen Granade and I are co-editors of Small Wonders magazine, and we're funding for our first year right now. We put together an issue 0, and we'll be releasing the stories and poems from it throughout the next month. Available right now on the website are an original story by Saswati Chatterjee, a reprint story by Moses Ose Utomi, and a poem by Mary Soon Lee.

We've got more stories and poems by amazing authors ready to go - John Wiswell, Ali Trotta, Premee Mohamed, Charles Payseur, Beth Cato, and Wendy Nikel. In the future all of our stories and poems will come from the slush rather than being solicited, and we'll be paying $.08/w and $50/poem (unless we reach our stretch goals, and then we'll raise our rates!).

We really love flash fiction and speculative poetry, and can't wait to bring more small wonders into the world.
Role: co-editor in chief
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I'm the other co-editor, as foretold in prophesy on this very website. (Well, the blue, specifically.) Ask us anything! I mean, probably about the magazine, but, hey, we'll do our best to answer non-magazine questions too.
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