ScotRail audio announcements as an interactive database
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ScotRail audio announcements as an interactive database
Scottish train operator ScotRail released a two-hour long MP3 file containing all of the components of its automated station announcements, as the result of a Freedom of Information request. I have been having SO much building things with this.

I wrote up a detailed blog post describing my experiments so far - two that are particularly fun are this page which generates a random apology sentence on demand, and this tool which lets you assemble your own sentence from a sequence of searches for clips.

Matt Eason split the original 2 hour MP3 up into 2,400 separate files and ran an operation to crowdsource the transcriptions (it took less than 2 hours to get them all done). He wrote about how he did that.

Matt also built Ambient ScotRail Beats with the recordings, which is utterly delightful.
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I've been enjoying all the things clever people have built with the sound files this week, especially the ScotRailBot on twitter.

This one certainly begged the question: "Why did they have a standardised recording about a wartime bomb that has now been made safe?"

I'll enjoy looking through your links - thanks!
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I'm also curious about the very non-Scotrail snippets. I just tried your random apology generator and it included 'the London overground' which AFAIK isn't run by Scotrail!
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Expect some traffic! Tom Scott just included the Ambient ScotRail Beats website in his most recent newsletter today.
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