"La Chasse"
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"La Chasse"
Part performance, part tech demo. Link goes to ~3 min. youtube video of me playing a keyboard piece, my arrangement of "La Chasse" from Bob James's album Rameau. I'm playing live with custom software helping me to approximate (I hope!) the amazing electronic orchestration of the original recording.

I've wanted to try playing this piece for decades but could never find the score, and my attempts at transcribing it never got very far. But earlier this year I started developing some software (Polyfluous) as a music performance aid and I realized that "La Chasse" would be a perfect fit. So I restarted my transcribing effort and this time succeeded.

The plan was for the software to handle the multitimbral aspects of the piece, but Polyfluous ended up playing an even bigger role, in that its transposition capability enabled me to play things that would otherwise be impossible for me.

So my long-simmering back burner music project finally came to fruition thanks to a fresh software project.
Role: programmer arranger player
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